Streamlining blood donations with biometrics

Date: 6/18/2007

The Picture-ID (formerly BioModule 3) application helps to automate donor check-in at blood donation centers via self-service kiosks utilizing biometric identification and/or AAMVA-compliant driver's licenses and state ID cards. It integrates with the FDA-approved SafeTrace blood collection and tracking software developed by Wyndgate Technologies, and utilizes Web Services technology to support use on-site, as well as off-site mobile collection centers.


This application is being developed for California Information Management Experts, with initial deployment at Blood Centers of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA, USA. It is a newly developed application, based on a previous prototype.

The BCP location is initially deploying this application on several local kiosks and a few mobile collection stations, as well as numerous staff workstations. This will later be expanded to other blood centers as well.

To request information about deploying this system at your blood center, contact Sam Waran at the address below.

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Customer: Calimex, Inc.

California Information Management Experts is a global technology company with offices in California, Arizona, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. They specialize in setting up network and web enabled financial applications such as Oracle Financials and blood bank information management systems, such as Wyndgate SafeTrace® and SafeTrace Tx®.

Location: San Francisco, CA


Contact: Sam Waran

Email: Zbqry.Cebwrpg.Phfgbzre.Rznvy