Gate security for private communities

Date: 8/19/2008

We've integrated mechanical lift-bar gates for a private community into an access control system that can be used by all residents, to simplify communication between posted guards, community members, and visitors/contractors. This system uses both RFID and barcode technology to identify resident vehicles, and a guest list for visitors which allows residents to post expected visitors via a web application, allowing the gate guards to see who's expected.


This application also features our AAMVALib library for reading driver's licenses and state ID cards for entering visitor names into a guest log, and identifying residents.

The web interface used by residents was developed by another company. We developed a suite of applications to automate vehicle gate access, and provide client applications for the guards and management.

For more information, or to inquire about installing this solution in your community, contact Hugh Clarke at the address below.

Customer: I-Secure

I-Secure provides a service to manage the complete access and entry operations of your residential property, gated community, high density building, or commercial property that brings together technology and security like never before. Their technical staff is always there to assist with any problems that may arise. With their continued efforts to be the best, you can rest assured that they will be there to take care of your every security need.

Location: Florida


Contact: Hugh Clarke

Email: Zbqry.Cebwrpg.Phfgbzre.Rznvy