Client sync via data warehouse

Date: 11/18/2006

Forklift is an open-source (GPL v1.1) application to synchronize client data between multiple agency systems such as CTFACS, Energy, and others into a central Data Warehouse (developed by another company) to help centralize reporting, reduce client duplication, and reduce data re-entry.


This application extracts modified client data from the individual agency systems on a nightly basis, uploading the changes to the warehouse while also bringing down new changes from the warehouse to be integrated into the client systems. We developed this application for Nutmeg Consulting, who oversaw the original development before making it available to the public for the benefit of other agencies.

The system indirectly uses Web Services to communicate with the warehouse via a proprietary interface library, and is designed to use agency system plugins to communicate with the individual agency systems. This allows integration with different types of agency data systems, and allows new systems to be integrated into the existing application.

For more information on using Forklift to centralize or integrate your agency data, contact Nutmeg Consulting below.

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Customer: Nutmeg Consulting, LLC

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Contact: Chris Shipley

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