Project Portfolio

Most of the work we do is in the form of private projects for our clients, or our own product offerings.

However, we do occasionally feature some of those private projects here.

This Website

This website was designed from the ground up specifically to fit our requirements, including a product storefront, project portfolio, online payment integration, integration of project downloads and documentation, and other upcoming capabilities.


Multi-device SDK for Teach32 educational gaming platform

We are developing a multi-device SDK for the Teach32 gaming system to help simplify the management of multiple keyboards, mice, and other devices for this platform. This will let developers focus on the educational software and player experience, without dealing with issues such as tracking multiple mouse pointers with different orientations relative to the primary shared display.


Gate security for private communities

We've integrated mechanical lift-bar gates for a private community into an access control system that can be used by all residents, to simplify communication between posted guards, community members, and visitors/contractors. This system uses both RFID and barcode technology to identify resident vehicles, and a guest list for visitors which allows residents to post expected visitors via a web application, allowing the gate guards to see who's expected.


Protecting students and property in D.C. schools

We developed the software to manage and monitor metal detectors for a client, which were initially deployed as part of an extensive security upgrade for the Washington, D.C. school system. This provided guards with real-time access to monitor multiple entry points.


Proprietary device integration for Cyprus homeland security

This software application allows a PC104 embedded PC running XP to read a serial data stream from a laser rangefinder. This data was then parsed and displayed on the control system screen. In addition the data was converted to NMEA format and then sent to a fixed console LCD marine display. The system is for a homeland security application currently under final development and testing for the nation of Cyprus.


Streamlining blood donations with biometrics

The Picture-ID (formerly BioModule 3) application helps to automate donor check-in at blood donation centers via self-service kiosks utilizing biometric identification and/or AAMVA-compliant driver's licenses and state ID cards. It integrates with the FDA-approved SafeTrace blood collection and tracking software developed by Wyndgate Technologies, and utilizes Web Services technology to support use on-site, as well as off-site mobile collection centers.


Client sync via data warehouse

Forklift is an open-source (GPL v1.1) application to synchronize client data between multiple agency systems such as CTFACS, Energy, and others into a central Data Warehouse (developed by another company) to help centralize reporting, reduce client duplication, and reduce data re-entry.


Finding a GUID needle in a pile of database haystacks

Our client was providing consulting and training services as well as custom integration for a poorly-documented database application, which used GUIDs to map nearly every data type. "Trying to find relationships between tables was a monumental task," according to Christopher Shipley, one of the company's principal officers. We provided them with a query tool to locate all tables and columns with a specific GUID, thus helping to map out the data relationships. This application saved countless hours of manually sifting and searching through the database to look for the proverbial needle in the haystack.


XM Repeater maintenance software

XM Assistant is an application to assist XM Satellite Radio service technicians in diagnosing and maintaining the terrestrial repeater network. It utilizes RS-232 serial technology to communicate with the proprietary equipment, and provide a more intuitive, friendly interface to the various maintenance and configuration functions of the hardware. This includes graphical gauges and color-coded readings and a real-time strip chart for various system metrics, which formerly would have required two separate applications (which could not be run simultaneously). In addition, it helps track site details and history, and manages some of the maintenance paperwork generation and online submission.