Note: This is an archived application, and no longer supported.


Last updated: 3/7/2006

TWEdit is a Windows-based Editor for TradeWars 2002 that offers many advantages over the TEdit utility which comes with TW2202.

NOTE: This application is no longer actively developed. The source code for this application is freely available and is in the public domain. Documentation for it is sparse, but it's a start.




General Editor

Yes Yes

User Editor

Yes Yes
Node Editor Yes Yes

Ship Editor

Yes Yes

Planet Editor

Yes Yes

Corporation Editor

Yes Yes

Basic Alien Editor

Yes Yes

Basic Ferrengi Editor

Yes Yes

Ship Class Editor

Yes Yes

Planet Class Editor

Yes Yes

Alien Race Editor

Yes Yes

Gold Alien Editor

- Yes

Windows-Based GUI

- Yes

Object Editors Linked

- Yes

Consistent UI

- Yes

Easy Record Scrolling

- Yes

User, Corp, Game Stats

- Yes


- Yes
I Like It Better Yes

NOTE: Blue Ninja Software is not affiliated in any way with , the current owners of TradeWars 2002. Registration of TWEdit DOES NOT register TradeWars 2002. Without a valid TradeWars registration, TWEdit will not let you edit any game settings that TEdit won't let you edit! This program is not designed to let you get around a valid TradeWars registration.


  • Ability to edit the Gold Aliens! (Registered Version or Demo Period)
  • LittleBang - Randomly places Planets, Ships, Debris, and Aliens into a new game. (Registered Version or Demo Period)
  • User, Corporation, and Game statistics. (Registered Version or Demo Period)
  • Windows GUI with Mouse support!
  • Simple scrolling through records for ALL screens.
  • (Hopefully) a bit more user-friendly.
  • Everything is cross-referenced - For example, Double-Clicking on a ship's Location brings up the Sector editor, Double-clicking the Sector's Port brings up the Port editor, etc.
  • Automatically updates FedSpace Marker Beacons when moving Class-0 Ports.
  • Automatic Class Limits: The maximum limits for each class of Planet, Ship, and Alien are observed in the editor. Furthermore, if you change the class of an item, the limits are re-checked. For example, if you have an Imperial Starship with 50,000 fighters and change it to a Scout Marauder, the number of fighters will automatically be reduced to 250 (Or whatever that class has been edited to). If you then select an Interdictor Cruiser, the number will bump back up to 50,000 for you, since hat's within the allowable limits. In addition to numeric values, Option boxes and Check boxes will enable and disable themselves as appropriate.


This application is no longer supported, but you may contact us with any questions.

The main window. The Options menu contains a Compact Mode setting to remove the logo and shrink the window.


The General Setup windows.


The Sector Editor. Double-Clicking one of the Warps jumps to that sector. Double-clicking an object in the "What's Here" box will open the editor for that object.


If you move a Class-0 Port, the original and new Sector's Marker Beacon is automatically updated with the Federation message. Double-Clicking the Location or Robbed By fields will open editors for those items.


Changing the Planet Class dynamically adjusts the maximum values for Colonist Production Levels and On-Hand Commodities.


Changing the Ship Class dynamically adjusts the maximum values for ship equipment, and disables items the ship cannot have.


Clicking any object in the "Personal Property" box will open the editor for that object.


Here also, changing the Ship Class will adjust the maximum values for ship equipment.


Basic Ferrengi editor.

Ahh, the never-before-seen Gold Alien Editor! The screen you've all been waiting for...


You HAVE to admit this interface is easier than TEdit's - especially for the Classification!


A nice looking Ship Class editor...

Again, a much more intuitive interface than TEdit, especially for the Available Resources...


Possible Upcoming Features

  • Message Database Editor
  • The encryption and/or validation routine for the TEdit Password still needs to be cracked.
  • The validation routine for Registration and Gold codes still needs to be cracked.
  • Player and Corporation Statistics
  • LittleBang (Auto-populate new universe with random NavHaz, ships, planets, etc. as you specify)
  • Compatibility with the new data files used by TWGS

New Features

  • Alien Spawn Profile Property Graphs

Issues Being Addressed

  • Incomplete Validation of times/dates for General, Port Last Visited, and for Port/Citadel Construction time left

1/20/2004 version 1.0 Beta, Build 119

  • Updated Beta expiration date.
  • Updated email and web addresses in the documentation and About screen.

5/3/2002 version 0.40 Beta, Build 112

  • Fixed problem where initial default values were not set correctly if they didn't already exist in the Registry, causing a "Type Mismatch" error and not allowing the program to continue loading. This would not happen when upgrading from an earlier version of TWEdit.
  • Made version info for TWEdit show up in log file for easier debugging on my end...

4/25/2002 version 0.40 Beta, Build 110

  • Gold Alien Database is now automatically resized when deleting, adding, or editing max number of Aliens in a Gold Alien Race. Also updates starting indeces in Race database. All existing aliens are preserved, except when reducing the number of aliens, in which case only as many aliens as the new max number of aliens are preserved.
  • Gold Alien editor would show one less than the maximum number of aliens, and therefore the last one could never be seen or edited.

4/23/2002 version 0.30 Beta, Build 99

  • Added two new options under the Tools menu to Memorize or Recall TW2002 registration info. This way, if you have a registered game, the option to memorize that info will be available. Once memorized, that registration info can be "Branded" into other TW2002 games by choosing Recall from the Tools menu. This is easier than retyping all those codes in for each instance of the game.
  • Added a log file so all the status messages are logged while TWEdit is running. This file is cleared when the program starts, so only the most recent session is logged.
  • Added persistent error logging to a file, so if any odd problems come up hopefully I can determine what happened. These errors are in a separate file and are not cleared automatically.

4/21/2002 version 0.30 Beta, Build 92

  • Derelict ship remover added
  • Better way to handle running BigBang from the Tools menu: Now TWEdit monitors the status of BigBang, and knows when it finishes. A dialog is displayed telling the user that TWEdit is waiting for BigBang to finish, and when it does, the game reloads automatically.
  • Miscellaneous internal optimizations and performance enhancements
  • Added a prompt to go to EIS Online if the TW game is not registered (read: nag...)
  • Added hyperlinks to TWEdit and EIS Online websites in Help menu
  • Modified the File, Open dialog to not show the status of all required files (Unless "See Details" is clicked), since this was mainly for my own debug purposes earlier on...

4/15/2002 version 0.30 Beta, Build 76

  • Ok, NOW the Registration system is finished...
  • Disallowed editing Registration Code or Gold Code from TWEdit, thereby avoiding a loophole where a user could enter fake values to "trick" TWEdit into thinking the game was registered. Now, codes must be entered via TEdit or BigBang, and the proper verifications will occur.
  • Modified layout of the Main form.
  • Redid the General form and split it into two pages, similar to TEdit. Without TradeWars 2002 registration, page 2 is Read-Only.
  • Alignment descriptions now available
  • All editors which would require registration in TradeWars 2002 are now Read-Only if your TW game is not registered.

4/15/2002 version 0.30 Beta, Build 82

  • Fixed bug where Gold and ANSI paths were not properly displayed on some Gold forms. Also, the ToolTip text now pops up the full path if it can't fit in the space provided on the form.
  • Fixed Tab Order on the newly designed Main and General forms
  • Fixed bug where FedShip locations not displayed correctly on General form until "Undo" was pressed
  • Added checkbox for Tournament Mode on General form - somehow forgot that one.
  • Modified Main form a bit so status bar wasn't so crowded, and moved TW2002 Registration status and game info to a new frame.

4/11/2002 version 0.20 Beta, Build 63

  • Localized access to Gold Aliens database to facilitate changing size when editing Gold Alien Classes
  • Fixed bug displaying Gold Aliens in the Sector Editor
  • Fixed bug changing flags for Gold Alien Races
  • Fixed bug where duplicating a Gold Race, Planet, or Ship would not duplicate all values
  • Fixed bug editing maximum fighters a planet class can have
  • Fixed a cosmetic error where the # of Colonists and Days for citadel upgrades for a planet class were reversed
  • Corrected the data type for the max shields for a planet class
  • Fixed several bugs with data from forms not being saved (And in some cases not validated) since I had rewritten the validation routines
  • Finished implementing Registration system
  • Updated program details elsewhere in this file
  • Re-termed Revision to Build

3/27/2002 version 0.10 Beta, Rev. 53

  • Rankings editor read-only, editing features incomplete
  • Color codes for Gold Editors not fully implemented - colors not displayed
  • Deletion of Gold Classes (Ships, Planets, Alien Races) and Nodes not enabled yet
  • Compacting of Gold Class files and Node file to strip deleted entities not completed yet
  • Does not support modified file structures used by TWGS
  • Full, proper validation of Registration Codes and TEdit Password not complete
  • Icons - I really need some Icons...
  • Online help? None yet...


Date: 3/7/2006


Date: 3/7/2006