Note: This is an archived application, and no longer supported.


Last updated: 1/8/2009

An open-source (CDCBL) managed .NET library for the PicoLCD 4x20 Sideshow device by This library supports multiple device enumeration, a softkey press event, an IR data received event, and control of brightness, contrast, and LCD screen text.

Features currently supported:

  • Setting text for each of 4 lines
  • Detection of button presses
  • Detection of IR signals
  • Brightness/Contrast control

In-progress features:

  • Tetting overall display text, with wrapping and CR/LF support.

This assembly utilizes our HIDLib assembly to provide HID USB support for low-level device communication.

Documentation: Online class library documentation can be found here.

Support: This application has a dedicated support forum, as well as a public bug / issue tracker available.

There are no available releases yet.

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Date: 3/12/2009


Date: 3/12/2009