Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to you, and it's important to us as well. We have a somewhat libertarian view, and feel that the use of your information should be minimal, and up to you.

What Information We Collect

We do not collect any information on casual "surfers" to our site. The only information we collect is from customers who purchase our software. Customers who purchase software from us will have some basic information kept in our sales records, including:

How We Use This Information

Third Parties

We do not make any customer information available to any other party. However, purchases made through our web store are processed by PayPal, and they will require you to supply some information for the purpose of processing your payment. Please review their privacy policy as well, if you make purchases through our site.

Customers who purchase our products via any third-party distributors should also check the privacy policy for those sites as well.


A "cookie" is how a website recognizes a user between clicks. Because the original design of the World Wide Web was never meant to be used for applications and such interactive content, each time you follow a link, the website sees that request as unique and without connection to any prior or subsequent links. Without cookies, a website wouldn't be able to know that it was the same person who clicked "Add to cart" to buy something, and then clicked "View cart". It would be like when you run into a fast-food joint to ask for something they forgot to give you at the drive-thru, and they don't recognize you at all.

This website uses cookies to keep track of your shopping cart items, and if you're logged in, to recognize you to provide access to per-user features such as support messages, purchase history lookup, etc.

We do not use cookies for advertising purposes, or to share data with 3rd parties.