About Us

Since early 2002, Blue Ninja Software has primarily developed custom software applications for Windows-based desktop and hand-held systems, as well as ActiveX & .NET controls and libraries. Most of our projects are of a proprietary nature for specific clients, and are not available to the general public.

In addition to serving our private clients, we also have a few general-purpose applications publicly available here for end-users. Some of these applications are general-purpose utilities we wrote for internal use, and have made available to others. A few have the source code available, and are either in the Public Domain or are licensed under our Commercial Development, Community Benefit License.

Focus On The Customer

We are a privately held company, so our past and future success is based upon catering to our clients - not our shareholders. Our focus is on maximizing customer satisfaction, and broadening our experience with new and exciting projects that keep our jobs fresh and exciting. We don't have to answer to greedy investors who only care about maximizing profits at the expense of good customer service.

Business Ethics

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that good business does not have to be unethical. You can be assured that we will never:

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