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DLIDLib ID/License Parser Update
New release now supports mobile devices using the Compact Framework. Added support for Travel Documents (Visas, Passport Cards, Passports) and military IDs (CAC and Teslin), and included numerous updates and performance enhancements (~ 300% faster!) - existing customers should upgrade.
Online Documentation Now Available
As of 15 January 2009, online documentation for our open-source and commercial libraries and assemblies is available on their project pages. The compiled .chm help files are still included in the downloads, of course. The online availability should make the data more visible to search engines when searching for information on those libraries, and should serve as a convenience to our users.
HIDLib 0.2 Release Emminent

Version 0.2 of our HIDLib assembly is sbout to be released. It includes many enhancements, some bug fixes, and a few other changes (for more details, see here). This new release is the result of wider use of the library in several projects, communicating with a wider wange of specialized devices.

Anticipated release date is early February 2009.

Looking for custom software development?

You've come to the right place! Our primary business is developing custom software applications to meet our clients' needs. Some reasons to use Blue Ninja Software for your development needs include:

  • You get professional code and thorough documentation that is easy to read, understand, maintain, and modify - not only by us, but also by any other experienced coder.
  • Our code is NEVER obfuscated to make it harder for someone else to maintain or update. We believe that future work with a client is a privilege to be earned, not a right. You will never be the victim of developer "lock-in" with us.
  • We maintain a high ranking on sites such as RentACoder (see our RentACoder Bio & Work History), so you know you're getting someone who knows what they're doing. As of July '08, we are proud to be ranked in the top 1% of the 230,000 coders on the site!
For more information on our policies and how to submit a request for proposal, see our Custom Software section.
About us...

Since early 2002, Blue Ninja Software has primarily developed custom software applications for Windows-based desktop and handheld systems, as well as ActiveX & .NET controls and libraries. Most of our projects are of a proprietary nature for specific clients, and are not available to the general public.

In addition to serving our private clients, we also have a few general-purpose applications publicly available here for end-users. Some of these applications are general-purpose utilities we wrote for internal use, and have made available to others. A few have the source code available, and are either in the Public Domain or are licensed under our Commercial Development, Community Benefit License.

Focus On The Customer

We are a privately held company, so our past and future success is based upon catering to our clients - not our shareholders. Our focus is on maximizing customer satisfaction, and broadening our experience with new and exciting projects that keep our jobs fresh and exciting. We don't have to answer to greedy investors who only care about maximizing profits at the expense of good customer service.

Business Ethics

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that good business does not have to be unethical. You can be assured that we will never:

  • Include any type of spyware, adware, malware, or any other type of sneaky software with any of the applications we make.
  • Include pop-ups, banners, scrolling marquees, or any other type of annoying nags to get customers to purchase a trial product. We'd rather you buy it because you like it, not because you feel it's the only way to get our product to stop making you want to throw your computer out the window.
  • Hide anything we hope you don't notice in the bottom of a long license agreement.
  • Sell or use any customer information for internal marketing, or in any way transfer it to any other party, for any reason. This includes "aggregate", non-identifiable information, too.
    • The ONLY reason we would conceivably send an unsolicited email would be to notify customers who purchased a particular program of a potential serious bug or security vulnerability, and a fix for this would be free of charge. There will never be a situation where we would use such a bug as an "up-sell opportunity" to try to get a customer to purchase an upgrade of any kind.
  • Include any kind of paid advertising or linking on this site. All links here are non-sponsored, and fall into one of these categories:
    • Links to clients for whom we've done work
    • Links to sites which in some way feature us
    • Links to applications or companies which we ourselves use or recommend.
Our new CDCBL license

We develop applications and libraries for a number of clients. While it is not unreasonable for a client to desire exclusive rights to software they pay to have developed, there are many common modules and libraries that are generic in their use. Furthermore, the idea of “owning” generic algorithms or methods seems ridiculous, as these methods are often public, common sense, or needed for such a wide range of applications that the concept of exclusive rights to them could only make sense to a deranged IP attorney.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to you, and it's important to us as well. We have a somewhat libertarian view, and feel that the use of your information should be minimal, and up to you.

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Featured Success Story

Finding a GUID needle in a pile of database haystacks

Our client was providing consulting and training services as well as custom integration for a poorly-documented database application, which used GUIDs to map nearly every data type.

"Trying to find relationships between tables was a monumental task," according to Christopher Shipley, one of the company's principal officers. We provided them with a query tool to locate all tables and columns with a specific GUID, thus helping to map out the data relationships. This application saved countless hours of manually sifting and searching through the database to look for the proverbial needle in the haystack.